Students Life

Students Associations aim at multiplying contacts between the school, students and the outside world.

They arouse initiatives, either serious or fun, allowing students to get involved in cultural, humanitarian or social activities, and to network with professionals and students from other French schools and Universities.

The program of the Associations is built around a four-tier approach:

  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Team spirit
  • Personal development and leadership
  • Communication skills

The Student Union, or «Bureau des Elèves (BDE)», animates day-to-day student life, punctuating it with strong events.

Short Sessions

A week discovery sessions target high school students. The program aims to raise awareness of students of plastic arts through different workshops.

It helps them to find the right art higher education program through skills assessments and personal guidance counselling.

Professors will deliver an analysis of the students, general art skills, thanks to various exercices done during the week.